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Glass Cabochon Tiles & Tile Accessories

For individual glass cabochon tile jewellery item view our Glass Cabochon Tile Catagory


Glass Cabochon Supplies

We supply a large range of glass cabochons and cabochon trays to Australia and New Zealand

Cabochons date back to jewellery making in France as far back as the 1500s. The word cabochon is jewellery is defined as a precious stone formed or polished into a convex or oval hemispherical shape. Unlike a diamond that is cut into facets to take advantage of reflective light a cabochon was used to allow the precious stone to show of it true colour and beauty in it true state.

A cabochon is used for the pure enjoyment of the object true colour.

The modern cabochon today form much the same function, the clear glass cabochons we sell come in various form from oval, round, square and rectangle, each with its unique jewellery enhancement qualities. The great advantage of a clear dome cabochon is it ability to act as a magnifier of the image or graphic that you place it on. This not only creates a striking effect but also enhance the colour and light of the object.

Clear glass cabochons can be used in a number of jewellery making pieces: rings, earrings, brooches, pendants, fridge magnets, bracelets and anything else you could imagine.

We supply a large variety of shapes and sizes all of which is available on our online store

We have a library of glass cabochon video tutorials to help you get started

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