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Make Your Own - Abstract Art Pendant Kit (P0025)

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Make Your Own - Abstract Art Pendant Kit (P0025)

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Quick Overview

Make Your OwnTM - Abstract Art Pendant Kit (P0025 )


Make Your OwnTM - Abstract Art Pendant Kit (P0025)

Make up to 6 pendants


•	Clear glass tiles heart x2
•	Trays – heart x2
•	Clear glass tiles circle x2
•	Trays – circle x2
•	Clear glass tiles oval x2
•	Trays – oval x2
•	Black Cord Chain x3
•	Ball Chains x3
•	Glue	
•	Images


 1. You can use the images supplied, or choose downloadable Glaze images from or print your
own images onto Heavyweight Matte Photo Paper or similar using a colour laser or inkjet printer. 2. Thinly spread the glue on the images on your printout (one at a time) and carefully place your glass tile (wrong side down) on top of the image.
Slide the glass tile around in a circular motion over the image to spread the
glue and remove any bubbles, then press firmly to bond with the glaze.
Do not attempt to move the glass once it has started bonding. 3. Leave for a few hours to dry, then cut image to shape of glass, using scissors. 4. With a sharp knife carefully scrape off any excess glue from around the edges or tops of the glass tile. 5. Spread the glue (do NOT shake the bottle or you will get air bubbles) on the inside of the tray in a zigzag pattern.
Carefully place your prepared glass tile with the image facing up into the diamond glaze in the tray.
Gently slide it around inside the tray to spread the glue and then centre the glass tile.
Using a damp cloth, gently wipe away any excess glue from the top of the glass and tray.
Leave to set for at least one hour before wearing. 6. Thread either the chain or wire choker through the bail and you have a beautiful pendant!
Please note that the chokers and chains can be interchanged with all of your pendants.

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