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Resin Casting and Sculpting Techniques

Tutor:  Cynthia Thornton

Sculpt beautiful resin forms with simple, fun techniques!

Artist Cynthia Thornton guides you every step of the way, from sculpting a polymer master and capturing its form in a silicone mold to casting duplicates in colorful resin. Get started with essential polymer clay techniques and discover how to craft a variety of shapes. Transform your clay into whimsical creations, then find out how to replicate any piece with a silicone mold! Cynthia shares her foolproof tips for smooth, consistent resin results and helps you enhance your cast creations with custom dyes, paints and eye-catching metallic finishes. You'll even learn how to seal your work for long-lasting beauty, then mount your resin creations to create pendants, buttons, hairpins and more!

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Resin Sculpting & Casting Techniques



Epoxy Clay Artistry

Tutor:  Debbi Simon

Add trendy techniques to your jewelry tool kit with a versatile new material: epoxy clay. Mixed-media artist Debbi Simon shows you how to use it to create jewelry looks from faded to flashy.

Let artist-turned-jewelry-maker Debbi Simon introduce you to the possibilities of epoxy clay. From the basics of filling a bezel with sparkling crystals, to making filigree embellishments and jewelry molds, Debbi will teach you the technical skills to design professional-looking jewelry and using epoxy clay in a variety of ways. Whatever your level of skill or personal style, there's something here for every jewelry maker!

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Epoxy Clay Artistry

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